A Major Change of Plans

So, after a really stressful start of the year, things have come to a head and I find myself without a job. On one hand that causes me a bit of anxiety (I’m over 50, so not ideal employment material by now), but on the other hand it does feel rather liberating. I have a bit of money put away, so I can afford to take some time off before looking for something else. Hell, who knows, I might even change careers! I do love software development, but I feel that the jobs are getting more and more stressful as time progresses.

Or maybe I’m just getting old 🙂

Either way, I got the news shortly after enrolling into an RPG writing workshop, so I shall use this unexpected time off to do some writing, but also to improve my artwork, with a view to possibly selling adventures or resources as a means to supplement my income. I will post here for a weekly(ish) summary of what’s happening, but you can also follow me on social media for updates as they are happening – links are in the sidebar over there —–>





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